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Just bought this! I’m so frickin excited! The No Soy Tu Chiste campaign is one of my favorites that I’ve seen. The artwork is beautiful and very representative. The slogans are very powerful and it’s SO inclusive of some parts of the community that get erased from campaigns like this so often. I just wish they had a tshirt/sweatshirt for “I was born a man, I have always been a woman.” That would just be an effective way of explaining shit to like everyone. But this one really resonated with me. And I wanted something that even people who don’t know anything about the community would be able to associate with the LGBTQ community. Easily identifiable message. Necessary where I live. Anyways I’m super excited. If you like this, you can buy art prints, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts an more here and the campaign/Daniel Arzola’s blog is here.

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  1. thetake-overthebreaksover said: I tried so hard not to buy a shirt from here, really I did, but then I bought one. Darn you lol. This is your fault.
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